“I am thrilled and honoured to be able to put my name on such a magical and mythical beast as the Gretsch White Falcon… For years now I have been bewitched by it’s charms, first from afar as a young aspiring guitarist, then as a professional musician in The Cult. My White Falcon has been a constant and stedfast companion for over 3 decades now… and my love affair with it is still going strong. Now in 2013 with my signature model I feel that with the help of Gretsch I have taken the spirit of the original ‘Sanctuary’ guitar so familiar to Cult fans around the world and taken it to a new level. I know that anyone lucky enough to get their own one will get as much joy and inspiration from ‘her’ as I have. So here’s to the future and continuing to make great music with the White Falcon for many more decades to come” – Billy Duffy

Gretsch Guitars

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